Mr. Happy

Family Circle of Love Clothing & Apparel

Welcome to Family Circle of Love Clothing and Apparel. The idea was created in 1997 while Ms. Shambee was working with a special needs child who was in a somber mood. Ms. Shambee began to draw and upon seeing the drawing the child's face lit up and his mood began to change. Then the child asks "Can I draw that too?" Ms. Shambee replied, "Yes, and we're going to call him Mr. Happy." Through this Mr. Happy was born and from that other inspirational images like Meow, Lookin' Good and Jasprit emerged. Our President Ms. Linda Shambee invites you to connect to our video below and choose from one of the images below to select the T-shirt or Sweatshirt of your choice.


Rose of Sharon


Look at Me



Mr. Happy



Lookin' Good